LAURA FAURSCHOU design studio

Pipe Lamp

Designed in 2017 for MUNK collective.

Pipe lamp is a minimalistic table lamp for the desk, shelf or nightstand. 

The light from the thin pipe illuminates the little shelf that is intended for displaying something special. 

The combination of materials; metal and rock, makes the lamp both thin and substantial.



Pendant design, 2014

The pendant is designed around the idea of being able to generate both general and focused lighting.

Designed for MUNK collective in collaboration with Anita Johansen



The pendant has a shade that can be raised and lowered on the cord, thereby increasing or decreasing the light’s intensity and span.

The pendant consists of a opal glass globe and a shade in lacquered aluminium.

By adjusting the light intensity the shape of the pendant changes.

The illuminated part is opal glass and the shade spun aluminium



Shade lamp

Lighting design, 2015

Shade wall mounted lamp presents shades

– shades of colour and overlap, shades of light and shadow.


Two glass shades in a slim metal frame. The inner shade is fixed.

The outer shade slides and rotates to either cover the light or let it out.

Designed in collaboration with Anita Johansen


Niche lamp

Lighting design, 2016

The design contains one or more identical lamp modules, which can be installed separately or in various combinations on the wall or in the ceiling. The design makes it possible to create different kinds of graphic light installations. The position of the module and the adjustment of the light will affect the notion of the room and the relation between surface and depth as the light will create or limit the room within the room.

Designed in collaboration with Anita Johansen