LAURA FAURSCHOU design studio

Edge Table

Designed in 2017 for MUNK collective.

The table is a created around the idea of playing with balance and asymmetry.

The two columns create a solid base but will always look a little off center. 

The edges of the tabletop and base are all faceted at a small angle. That gives the illusion of an impossibly thin construction. 

The edges of the table cut sharply through the air while the veneered surfaces give a warm expression and a sense of quality and modern craftsmanship.


Ash corian table

Dining table design, 2011

Ash Corian Table

Table designed in an attempt to create a match for Ash Wood Chair.Corian is immersed in the solid wood table top, thereby allowing hot elements such as coffeepots to be placed directly on the table without risking damaging the tabletop.
The table is intended the dual function of dining table for six people and work desk for two people.


Offset chair

Chair design, 2015

The chair has a minimalistic upholstery as an offset from the slim metal frame.

All four legs of the chair extend past the seat in order to support the arm rest and seat back frame. The back legs are situated closer together, forming a perfectly symmetrical and balanced form when viewed from the front or back.

Designed in collaboration with Anita Johansen


A Simple Desk

Desk design, 2012

A Simple Desk is a "knock down" principle with a strong structure and is easy to assemble.

The table has legs in solid ash wood, counter top in veneered MDF and shelf construction in powder-coated sheet metal.
The table is intended as a workstation for tasks you bring home from work - the couple of hours in which one checks emails and prepare tomorrow's work.

Underneath the table top is a small shelf for storing a laptop, books, notes, etc. The table can be assembled and disassembled and only takes up 100x42x12 cm when taken apart. The inspiration for A Simple Deskhas been the Scandinavian approach to functionality and simplicity, and is centered around the concepts of: "Massproduction", "Knock-down constructions" and "Flat Pack".